Saturday, November 21, 2009

Typical evening convo

Usually at some point in the evening, after Chris gets home from work, our conversation goes something like this:

Molly: How was your flight today?
Chris: Good, it was fun.
Molly: Did you dogfight today?
Chris: Yes.
Molly: Did you win?
Chris (smiling): Why do you even ask that question? Of course I won.

Well, sorry for asking. :)

Fast forward to this past week. About mid-week he had the opportunity to dogfight against some Air Force F-22's. And here goes the evening dinner conversation:

Molly: How was your flight today? (I knew he was dogfighting the the F-22 Raptor).
Chris: Good. It was fun.
Molly: Did you beat the F-22?
Chris: Well, (pause) was a good match.
Molly: Ahhh, so you got beat, huh?
Chris: Yes, but it was pretty close, right up until the end. And the F-22 is far superior a jet to the one I was flying.

Then after dinner, I find him on the computer, reliving the "glory days" of the F-14 Tomcat. Watching a fly-by video of himself. It is pretty fun to watch.

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  1. tell chris that tiger woods doesn't blame his clubs when he plays badly