Thursday, November 19, 2009

A few good books...

So I just finished a couple of good reads. The first one being Julie and Julia by Julie Powell. What a great book! The author Julie Powell does such a great job describing her project: "The Julie/Julia Project," while filling you in on the details of her life's happenings. I am anxious to see the movie. But don't we all know that books are usually better than the movies! So I don't want to ruin the book in my mind's eye. I am sure, though, once it hits Blockbuster, Chris will be a sweetheart and pick it up for me. Then he will sit through the whole thing - bless his heart!

The other book I finished a couple of weeks ago was Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella. Sophie just never disappoints. It is chic-lit, which can get old and predictable, but Sophie does a great job with character development. I always just fall in love with the characters and I want to know more about what happened after the book was over! One of my dear friends, I'll call her J-Dogg, got me into reading Sophie's books. The very first one being: Shopaholic. Which I believe is now a movie I need to rent too! So much to catch up on!

The book I am into now, is called What the Dog Saw by Malcolm Gladwell. Malcolm's books are thought provoking and always interesting. I have also read Tipping Point and Outliers. Outliers was probably my favorite so far. He looks at everyday issues from a very different perspective and it really makes you see the world in a new light.

Chris and I have discussed buying one of the e-readers. Barnes and Noble has the Nook and Amazon has the Kindle. We don't live in a 3G network area, so I think we should wait until we move next year. Do any of you out there have one and which one would you recommend?

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  1. Julie and Julia the movie was actually pretty good. saw it with my mom. haven't read the book though. I read Malcolm Gladwell's "Blink" and felt like i was forcing myself to get thru it. so i don't think i'll read "Tipping Point" (unless you think it's better than Blink. good job on the far so good!