Sunday, June 27, 2010

He has increased the intensity to a whole new level

Michael woke up on Thursday with a new intensity for life! Literally, he stepped it up a level with his activity level. I have been told, "Boys are busy!" I am beginning to understand this now.

Our usual trip to the Farmer's Market on Thursday night became an adventure in chasing Michael around the park. Non-stop. Same with going to Freedom Park yesterday. It was funny yesterday because we were there late morning and he was running from slide to ladder to play station like he owned the place. I got him to take a rest for a minute and took his hat off (in the shade, of course) and he was sweating! I have never seen him sweat like that! Mind you, it was also in the upper 90 degrees, but still! This picture is about a month old but it is a good indication of what he looks like when he is on a mission. Here is walking from swimming in the kiddie pool we have in the backyard to coming back into the house, usually via the doggie door. What a character.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What I am missing about east coast living right about now...

We have lived out west for 3 years and 3 months now. But who is counting, right?

This week it finally hit me. There are "things" that I am really missing right about now about living on the east coast.

#1 Sweet tea in restaurants. Don't get me wrong, you can get iced tea out here, but then you have to sweeten it. Frankly, the artificial sweeteners just don't do it for me. It needs to be made with real sugar that melts after the tea bags steep in boiling water. I'm just sayin'.

#2 Humidity. I know all of my east coast family and friends will cringe when they read this, but hear me out. Humidity is because of the wonderful rain you get that makes your grass, trees, and beautiful flowers green. If those things are green out west, it is because we just spent $300 a month on our water bill to make sure they stay green. I find it a bit crazy, personally. Also, I know the rain and thunderstorms can put a damper in plans on some days but it is nice to have a change in the weather once in a while. Most days out here it does feel like Groundhog Day. Hot, sunny, and no clouds in sight. While that is an ideal weather day for most people, I personally like the occasional rain/thunderstorm. Another perk to the humidity: it is SO good for your skin. The moisture that stays in your skin is saving you a ton of money on moisturizing cream! Believe me on this one. The wrinkles pop out a little more with less moisture in the epidermis.

#3 Chick-fil-A's. I know there are a few of these out here, but never where we have lived. It just reminds me of fun trips to the Garden's Mall and having lunch. They have the best fries and, of course, sweet tea.

#4 BBQ joints. I was watching the Food Network the other night before bed and there was a BBQ ribs special on at the time. So I had a sudden craving for Park Avenue BBQ in Tequesta. Or Beach Bully in VA Beach. I have yet to come across a good BBQ joint out here. There was one in Fallon that we went to back when we lived there. Chris took a bite of the cornbread and said, "This tastes like crap. If they can't even get the cornbread right, the BBQ is probably going to be bad." And he was right, it was bad.

#5 Bagel shops. I love a good bagel. Or a good bagel sandwich. The only thing resembling bagel shops are the Donut shops on every corner out here. Not the same. You can't put cream cheese, lettuce, tomato and sprouts on a donut and feel satisfied with that meal. How gross does that sound? So I stock up on bagels at the local Costco. They do an OK job. Not like Einstein's or Brooklyn Bagel though.

Just feeling a little east coast home sick this week. That's all!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Father's Day to the best Daddy ever!

In Celebration of Father's Day today, this blog post is dedicated to our #1 Daddy!

This picture was taken when Michael was 2 days old. It is, by far, still one of my VERY favorite pictures of the two of them and I am sure it will be for many years to come. It is hard to believe that Michael was ever that tiny!

While Chris cannot be with us this Father's Day, we will still celebrate how successful he has become as a Dad! When he gets home in 2 weeks, we will celebrate again!

Some favorite Chris quotes over the last year (since last Father's Day).
#1. "Just put a boob in his face."
#2. "What time, again, does he go down for his nap?"
#3. "Man, I don't know how you do this everyday!"

One of the very wonderful things about Chris is his ability to get me to slow down and "smell the roses." He has a wonderful sense of humor that makes everyone laugh out loud, including Michael. My favorite interactions between them are when Chris walks in the door from work, he bends down and opens his arms up really wide and Michael runs right into his arms for a big, bear hug. It melts my heart. The other times are when Chris takes Michael on shoulder rides around the house chasing after the dogs. These shoulder rides get the biggest belly laughs of all. So Happy Father's Day to our #1 Daddy!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Food poisoning and pit bulls

Monday morning started off on a really great note. Are you sensing the sarcasm yet? I woke up at 1 am with food poisoning. The following 24 hours were miserable. I was not really sure how the day was going to go with Michael but he was a trooper and he did great laying low in the house all day.

We have been keeping busy playing and stocking up on groceries. Such a glamorous life we live!

This afternoon proved interesting when I decided to take Michael on a walk to the mailbox. We have one of the community mailboxes that is down the street and around the corner. So I packed Michael into his blue buggy and off we went. He still loves this thing! Once the mailbox was in sight, I also spotted a stray male pit bull. Great. It was far enough away from us that we could continue to the mailbox. We safely retrieved the mail and started on our way back. About 5 steps later I looked back to see him behind us and closing in. He was bee lining down the sidewalk straight for us. I have never moved so fast in my life. The mail hit the ground, immediately, and Michael got unbuckled so fast. In a split second he was in my arms and watching the dog. (He thought it was pretty funny actually). I kept us moving and crossing the street. The dog retreated and then started going from house to house sniffing around. Pit Bulls have a very poor reputation for their behavior and many children have been badly injured from them. I really don't understand the owners of these animals and why they allow them to roam free. Next time I encounter or see this dog roaming around, I plan on calling the animal control. I am really hoping this was a one time incident.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dear Tooth Fairy

I am pleading with you now. Begging. Please make this tooth pain go away! This upper right molar is trouble. T.R.O.U.B.L.E.

My patience is dwindling. My wallet is open. I am willing to return ALL of the money I received as a kid for my teeth falling out - PLEASE!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

We have been on the go!

Sorry for the lack of blogging recently, it has been a little crazy busy around here. However, things should be settling down so I will back on the blogging bandwagon.

First, I have to vent: Today I am not a fan of Bank of America, Expedia, and the Navy HHG audit division. The less business I do with these organizations, the happier I will be.

As for our busy schedules. We just had a really fun week hanging out with some great friends and our little God Daughter. Michael loved playing with E and he misses talking to her and seeing her every day! This is a picture of them on a walk around Downtown Hanford. It was a hot day so we stopped for ice cream. Michael loved it, E....not so much a fan. She was into her bunny crackers though!

Michael has been having a tough couple of weeks with teething. His top right molar just wont pop through and it has been giving him all kinds of pain. Poor guy. I am not a fan of this part of growing up, for sure. The other 3 one-year molars have popped through and he looks so grown up when he smiles! Where did my little roley-poley baby go?

He is now waking up from a much needed morning nap - gotta run. I will blog more again soon!