Sunday, November 29, 2009

My beef with shopping carts

I had the chance today to go to the supermarket sans Michael.

Usually, when Michael is with me, it is an event. I pull into the parking lot and unbuckle Michael out of his car seat. Then we collect the shopping cart seat cover (which my dear sister-in-law gave me - I love it), the reusable grocery bags, Michael's straw cup, an occasional toy, and my purse. Michael is in one arm, all the other "stuff" in the other arm. If the weather is nice, we will grab a cart on the way into the store. Once we have the shopping cart in tow, we get settled. First, I have to get the shopping cart cover situated. Michael has to be able to put his legs through and I have to get the seat belt through the seat cover. Then, I place the toy in front of him and the straw cup on his right. The purse and reusable grocery bags get tucked securely into the cart and I break out my grocery list.

Being of the personality that I must be efficient in all of my actions, I organize my grocery list based upon the layout of the store. This way I don't forget anything. I don't like having to backtrack.

Michael came down with a little cold this weekend. Runny nose, slight fever. When he gets sick, we will take him on stroller walks but not into germ filled stores. So Chris just hung out at home with Michael and the dogs while I went to Safeway.

I was in no rush. I arrived and walked casually into the store. I grabbed the sanitizing wipes to wipe down the cart handle. I took the first cart I came to in the line and I headed down to get a Starbucks. It was a sad day in Fallon, a couple of months back, when the regular Starbucks closed down. At least we still have the one in Safeway.

I bought my Chai Tea non-fat latte and headed to the produce section. Half way to the produce section and my cart is pulling to the left so hard that if I let go with my right hand it would do a complete counter-clockwise circle. I was seriously having to use all the strength in my right arm to keep it driving straight. These darn shopping carts. There goes my pleasant shopping experience...

You are probably thinking: just go get another cart. Well, I did not do this because I had already sanitized this one and frankly, I am convinced that ALL of the shopping carts are off alignment. They either pull strongly to the left or right or the have a funky wheel that makes you feel like you are pushing it over a speed bump every 2 seconds.

My luck with shopping carts is like my luck with checkout lines. No matter which line I pick, even if it appears to be the shortest, it is always the longest line to get through. It never fails. No matter which cart I choose, it is going to be a dud. You get the point.

So next time you are at the grocery store and see a person struggling with their cart, it is probably me. Just stop for a second and pray for my patience, I need it.

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