Monday, November 23, 2009

Of course I sound like Carrie Underwood.

So when Chris and I were karaoke singing the other night to Michael, a couple of the songs were Carrie Underwood songs. I have remarked to Chris, in the past, that I think I sound like Carrie Underwood when I sing. Of course I do! I should go on Idol. Even though I'm too old, and I definitely would not get up there on stage in a bikini, like bikini girl, just to get noticed.

Sorry to digress, yet again.

Here is how, even you, can sound like Carrie Underwood...

When you are driving in your car, you turn the radio up just loud enough so that you can't hear yourself sing. You can only hear the voice on the radio - yet your voice is in the background! Viola! I sound like Carrie Underwood every time - and you can too! Try it next time you are in the car.

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