Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wednesday's nap time

Yesterday, I put Michael down for his nap. As usual, he fusses for a few minutes before he falls asleep. After he quieted down, I went to check him on the video monitor. He was sitting straight up in the back corner of his crib. This is a super odd position for him to fall asleep in so I had to go in his room to make sure he was OK. He had, in fact, fallen asleep sitting straight up in the back corner of his crib with his Mr Bear in his hand. I guess he was that tired!

A few minutes later I checked on him again and his head was slumped down. He was out cold. Rest assured he was still breathing so I did not move him. Eventually, he figured out that this was an uncomfortable position so he extended his legs and arms out and got more comfy. It was so cute.

Today we are headed into Reno to get both cars serviced prior to the move to CA. It should be a good day with Chris and Michael making some fun stops in Reno.

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