Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Safety Day!

Michael and I ventured over to the Fallon Police Department today. We met up with Detective John who pulled out Michael's car seat and then re-installed it so it was super tight and secure. Most all police/fire departments have someone certified in installing any type/brand of car seat.

Since Michael's safety is our top priority, it makes me feel good knowing it is super secure and locked tight into the car. I also got some tips from him on belt placement across Michael's chest with regard to our car seat and it should be tight enough that I can only place my pinky finger under the shoulder belt on top of his shoulder. All great information!

Another car safety action that Chris and I have implemented is no talking or texting while in the car. Everyday, people are killed or badly injured because of these two activities and they are things that can wait. But as we all know, with driving, sometimes you can be the safest person on the road. It is the drivers all around you that you have to be on the lookout for. So keep those eyes peeled!

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