Monday, March 8, 2010

Three days in one

Today felt like the longest day ever.

This is what happens when Chris goes into work at 4:45 am. Who does that? Apparently he and his co-workers do. Ugh. But he is so sweet to kiss me good-bye every morning, even if I am dead asleep. I am a super light sleeper so I wake up a little when he leaves then fall right back to sleep.

He got home at a decent hour this afternoon, then back to the gym for a Basketball game. I (not so secretly) hope they lose so he will be home in time for Michael's bath-time. It's their thing and Michael loves it when Chris does bath time.

We were also on the go today. We had Michael's 12 month well baby check up and I got the thumbs up! Healthy 12 month old baby boy! And I was also told: No, there is nothing I can do to get him to stop from biting except to distract him to another activity. We'll see how this goes. Telling him NO was not working.

Time for clean up from dinner and off to the bath! Have a great night!

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