Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stride Rite

When we were at the mall on Tuesday, I decided to pop in the Stride Rite Store. Since Michael was born, I have had the toughest time getting shoes on his feet. This child has only worn socks for the last 12 months because I could never get the shoes on and then get them to stay put!

I do think it is better for him, while he is learning how to walk, to be able to sense his feet as much as possible so I have been fine with socks. But, I thought it was time to break down and see the experts. This was the store that my Mom took us to as kids for good quality shoes so we will continue this tradition with Michael. Mom's know best.

Well, it turns out, after the lady at Stride Rite measured him, he is a size 5 WIDE. This is the exact reason I was unsuccessful at getting other shoes on him! Now we have our fancy little leather, size 5 wide shoes for Michael to sport around in. He even wore them out of the store.

You can see them in the pics above, aren't they so cute?

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