Monday, March 15, 2010


Here is a picture of Chris getting his grove on the dance floor in Opal, which is a night club in the Mont Bleu Hotel, South Lake Tahoe. We were there on Saturday night for a formal Navy dinner. I alway love the formal dinners because we get to get dressed up.

How often do I wear 3" heels anymore? Answer: About once a year.

We had a great time and, maybe, a few too many glasses of wine. It was tough getting up on Sunday morning, but hearing Michael giggling and laughing at himself in his bed put smiles on our faces and we just had to go pull him out to play with us, headaches and all.

We made it home on Sunday and practically crashed on the floor of the living room. Michael climbed all over us playing with all of his toys while we tried to get over the events of the previous evening. It reminded me, once again, why I don't like to drink.

The time change "spring forward" crap has been a big thorn in my side! Michael's nap/sleep schedule is off and will probably take a couple of days to get back to normal. So when I put him down to bed last night, it was a little later than normal. I then joined Chris on the couch, where he was Facebooking and I grabbed the remote to catch up on some DVR shows.

I pressed play on "Giuliana and Bill," it is a reality show of the E! news girl and Bill Rancic, who is the first Apprentice winner. About 3 minutes into the show, the DVR informs me "Do you want to erase this episode?" WHAT??? No, I want it to keep playing! Well, it turns out that our DVR can only record 2 shows at a time and I am sure that South Park and Frasier were the other 2 shows that Chris wanted to record, so my show got the boot! What the heck?!

Chris: I'm sorry, I did not meant to delete it!
Molly: This is the second time this has happened! Why do my shows get the boot?
Chris: I never deleted your shows!
Molly: Hmmm, short term memory loss. Well played Rattigan. No excuses next time. Now, go to the Style Network and re-record my show.

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