Tuesday, March 16, 2010


About every 3 months, Chris and I go on a Blockbuster binge. We walk through and rent a bunch of new release movies that we have not seen yet. This month we picked up: The Hurt Locker, Food, Inc., and Couples Retreat.

I just quizzed Chris on thumbs up or thumbs down on the movies and his response was: In between. This response did not surprise me as many times I ask Chris a question his response is usually: Yes and No.

We were excited to see The Hurt Locker because it won Best Picture at the Academy Awards last week! It was a war movie so we expected a lot of blood and guns, but as a whole the movie did not "Wow" us. We actually thought the scenes were pretty predictable. At the end, I made Chris promise me he would never want to join the Army and become a bomb detonator. God Bless the men who do that job. They need special angels looking over them, for sure.

Couples Retreat. Again, we thought it was pretty predictable. Nothing to write home about. But better than flipping through the TV channels for 2 hours.

Food, Inc. This one was interesting. I give it a thumbs UP. Chris did not watch this movie, as he was not interested. I, however, have had a handful of friends who have stopped eating meat after watching this movie. So I braced myself for the worse and watched it. The first half of this documentary was pretty gory. After watching it I have decided to buy more organic meat. I think this will be easier to do once we live closer to more stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. I am also going to try to cut out red meat. Save it for special occasions, like dinner at Ruths Chris, for example. We will be eating more organic chicken, fish, and vegetarian dinners. This is better for our waistlines and hearts anyway.

On a non-movie note, we are 8 days away from the packers showing up for the move to CA. I am super excited about this move! I can't wait! And since the time change over the weekend, Michael has decided that he only needs 1 nap a day. This change certainly requires more energy and planning on my part but so far it has been good.

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