Monday, March 29, 2010

Boxes, boxes, and more boxes.

We finally made it to our new home and we LOVE it!

There are a few things I have learned over the past 5 days that, I think, are worthy of sharing:
1. NEVER schedule a move during March Madness.
2. If you do schedule a move during March Madness, tell your husband that the Direct TV people could not come to set it up for at least a week. This way he is focused on helping to set up the house and not focused on watching Michigan, Butler, Duke and West Virginia.
3. Refrain from having the internet hooked up until AFTER about 2 weeks. Same idea as #2. It is easier to procrastinate online than finish unpacking that dish pack.
4. Hire a babysitter for the first week. I like to get it done so that I can put my feet up and enjoy. It is not "done" until the last picture is hung and the last rug is placed.
5. Make sure there is a map in the car. I know, rookie mistake, but the directions seemed easy enough. 80 to 5 south to 198 east. Well, I ended up on 99 south and almost had a mental breakdown. Thank goodness for good friends who can talk me off the ledge and give me good directions (thanks T)!

My hands are raw from cardboard boxes and packing paper, so I am taking the night off to get caught up on the internet. Tomorrow is a new day with a new list of things to get done!

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