Monday, December 14, 2009

My Jackie Boy - Happy 90th!

Today would have been Jack (my step-father's) 90th birthday! I miss him terribly. Christmas just wont be the same without a visit to see Jack. Over the years since Mom passed away, we would always go out to lunch at Waterway Cafe when we were there for a visit. We both loved sitting by the water drinking sweet tea and eating yummy fish. The last time we did this was last Christmas. I was still pregnant with Michael and while we were having lunch, there was a birthday party going on near where we were sitting. It was this man's 90th birthday and I told Jack, "We are looking forward to having a party for you in December!" He then said, as he did every time you talked about his age, that he never expected to live this long. Mom always said, "Jack is going to out live us all!"

Well, now he is celebrating in heaven being pampered, I am sure by his lovely ladies, Grace and Emily. Miss you Jack, Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday Jack!

  2. He did have a very long and very blessed life!! Dude, can you belive his first name wasn't Jack?!?! I think he withheld that just to get a good laugh out of us at his funeral!