Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Coin Jar

For my loyal and devoted readers who have been so concerned for the state of my nose from this morning, I just want to let you know that I am OK. When I told Chris the story, he absolutely did not believe me that I have never had a bloody nose in my life. Earth to Chris: Girls don't get bloody noses. We are not as rough and tumble as you boys! At least this girl is not. Although, I do still claim "Best Athlete in the Family" after running The Marine Corps Marathon and 3 or 4 half-marathons.

Again, sorry to digress, back to the Coin Jar story...

Every year, sometimes twice a year, we pull out the coin jar. I know you all have one sitting in your house somewhere. Mostly it collects coins, dust, and an occasional nicknack will end up in there from time to time too. Chris and I have this thing that we have done over the years with our coin jar that I thought I would share. We pull all of the coins out of the coin jar and put all the coins in a bag and look at it. We stare for a few minutes and then have to make a decision.

Today, we studied the coin jar and made our decisions.
Molly $65.
Chris $75.

Chris had some time off work today so he came home to hang out with Michael and me. I have been going stir crazy in this house since it had snowed Sunday and Monday and the roads are a beast, so I took the opportunity to run some errands. First stop: the Coin Star machine at Safeway. I know, I know. They charge a 8.9% fee for using the machine. But after rolling $300 worth of coins back in 2005, I said I would never do it again.

So I dumped all the coins in the Coin Star machine, got back the random foreign coins we have somehow acquired, and pressed print. $79.15.

Chris won.

The winner gets to keep the cash. So I handed the cash over to Chris when I got home. The following conversation ensued:
Molly: I under bet. I knew that the jar holds about $80 worth of coins and I wanted you to win.
Chris: Yeah, right. You are one of the most competitive people I know, you would not have under bet.
Molly: Well, if I won, I was going to go buy $80 worth of dog food and donate it to the local SPCA. Puppies need to eat during the holidays too.
Chris: Well, now that donation is going to the "Chris Rattigan fund." Thank you very much.

Well, there is always next year that I can win. Maybe I will pad it with a bunch of pennies.

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