Thursday, December 3, 2009

Happy 20th Anniversary to Mom and Jack

Today would have been their 20th Wedding Anniversary. I will never forget the day they married. My sister, brother, and I were all in the wedding. I was 11 years old.

I remember standing out in front of the condo that Mom owned in Georgian Park. We took pictures in our dresses, we were all fancied up. (Read: hair had LOTS of hairspray). My sister and I got to pick out our own dresses for the wedding. Mine was all white, bright white. Lace covering over a white dress down until the knee, then satin below that. Where the satin began there was a big, thick, red bow. I was into bows back then. I would wear them any chance I got. Just ask my cousin, G-dogg. She used to call me Gumby because of all the bows I wore. I don't remember Gumby wearing bows, but oh well.

My sister found a dress she liked from Laura Ashley. Her's was very sophisticated, long and dark red. But she had the big hair too!

I'll never forget my dear God Parents showing up and surprising us all! That was a wonderful treat, for sure.

It was a fun day. After the ceremony, we had a little reception in the parlor of the church then my brother and I took shaving cream and we got to decorate Jack's Lincoln Town Car. What fun that was! We threw the rice and off they went!

It was a beautiful day! I hope they are celebrating in heaven like they would here on earth!


  1. I remember that wedding too! I remember not being able to stand still, probably had too much sugar in me at the time.

    I'd like to see some of those photos of you and Caroline, I know they are floating around somewhere ... :)

  2. I remember I was so stoked because your mom let me get my hair done too - I went with the classic child-fro. I loved it so much that after the wedding I kept spraying tons and tons of hair spray in it so it would last. I'm talking cans of the stuff. I think it kept for at least a week... I was a gross child.