Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It is -5 degrees F outside

I don't think I have ever experienced this kind of cold weather for so long. Usually when we get cold snaps or a couple inches of snow, the next day it warms right up and everything melts away. Not this week.

It literally is negative 5 degrees outside. My toes are little, solid, frozen rocks.

A couple of us girls went out to dinner tonight to celebrate the birthday of "C.R." We had a great time telling stories over tortilla chips and guacamole at La Fiesta. As we get in the car to leave we see this very large dog sniffing around a dumpster down the street. So I pull over closer to the dog. Turns out there were two of them looking for food. We tried to offer them our leftovers, but they ran the other way, too scared of us. Or maybe they just were not interested in chicken quesadillas. Anyway, this is a pretty common occurrence out here. We see stray dogs all the time. But it is especially sad when it is so cold outside. I hope they can find some food and a warm place to sleep. My Lucy and Katie will be snuggled up with us tonight!

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