Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Vacation, by the numbers

So we finally made it home after our whirlwind trip of the east coast for 2 weeks. Here is how our trip broke down:

Total miles covered (by air and car): 6757
Total states visited (including layovers): 4
Total number of jet planes: 4 smooth Southwest flights
Total number of sleepless nights: 14*
Total number of diapers: 84 plus 3 packs of diaper wipes
Amount spent at the kennel boarding Lucy and Katie: $320.**
Total number of times travel stress Molly appeared: 1 time (at the Tampa airport). This may be a record.

*We have finally come to the realization that Michael does not sleep well outside of his own nursery and crib. So we just have to deal with tough nights on the road. Thankfully, he always wakes up rested and happy and playful for the day! He is such a great baby! We are blessed.

**This is the hardest part of the trip for us. We hate having to leave the girls at the kennel!

The trip, obviously, cannot be captured in numbers. We had a wonderful time with family and friends. One of the best visits in years, even though there were many family members that we were not able to see: Mom, Jack, Greg, Uncle Garry, Uncle Robert.

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