Thursday, December 10, 2009

Deals on Twitter

So in the interest of fiscal responsibility, in these economic times, I have let a couple of my magazine subscriptions lapse. You know 3 months into a 12 month subscription they begin sending you renewal notices. Those things drive me crazy! But I have been missing my Rachael Ray magazine and Real Simple magazine for the past couple of months. And I confess that I have been buying them on the news stands anyway.

Well, today I was checking my Twitter account and up pops a Tweet from the Rachael Ray people. They were offering Twitter followers the employee pricing for the magazine subscriptions. $10/year. I thought it was a sign. So I signed up. And gave one as a gift too. I figure I just saved myself $30 a year. Plus it is mindless reading that I enjoy.

Off to put away the laundry and catch up on a Blockbuster rental that I have been anxiously waiting to watch! An exciting evening over here, for sure!

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