Sunday, April 10, 2011

The three greatest inventions

#1. Penicillin and modern medicine (vaccines, etc).
#2. The Air Conditioning Unit. It revolutionized the south. Without it, the southern U.S. surely would not be as populated as it is now.
#3. The Comfy Baby Nasal Aspirator.  I found this in the One Step Ahead catalog. 

You are thinking: comfy+nasal aspirator=Molly is crazy. Maybe. But the snot running through my house right now could fill a gallon milk jug. I detest the bulb suctions because I feel like I am sticking a pen up my child's nose. This thing is amazing. It just barely enters the nose and you can pull the snot out with even the gentlest of suctioning. I know it looks gross, but it is so much easier than the regular bulb suction. Trust me on this one, I'm off to suction another nose. Oh, and after you read this: please say a prayer that this snot leaves my house soon! I am so tired of being sick and my babies being sick!

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