Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our favorite children's musician

We were lucky to find Patty Shukla while we were in Florida over the winter. She writes her own children's music and does performances all over Palm Beach County. She also held Mommy & Me classes that I took Michael to almost every week. He loved it and I loved it. We miss her classes now that we are back in California. 

We listen to her CD all the time in the car though. This morning, coming home from Easter church and brunch was no exception. This was the song that started playing in the car:
Patty Shukla - The Elephant Song

It was so awesome because Michael is really starting to know and sing outloud all the words. Chris and I looked at each other, completely stunned, as he was almost able to sing this song to us! It was so cool.

One of Chris's favorite songs from this CD is this one: Little Red.

Check out all the video's and music on You Tube and iTunes. And if you are ever wondering what we are listening to in the car, you know it's "Miss Patty's Guitar."

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