Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This kid has the life

Here is a picture of Michael basking in the primary color explosion that is a parachute. At first, he was not sure what to think of this huge thing. Now, he will lay on it and Daddy pulls him all around. He plays hide and seek in it too.

One of the cool things that Hanford, CA has is the United Gymnastics Academy.  On Tuesday's and Friday's they offer indoor playtime. There are a bunch of soft play mats and trampolines for the kids to play on (like what you would find at any Gymboree).

Michael LOVES it! I find, at his age, it is more fun for him, and easier on me, when he has unstructured playtime. He can just run, bounce, jump, and explore without me or an instructor telling him how to do it. Usually after 45 minutes of this he is completely wiped and he will head to the door. It's his way of telling me: Mom, let's go! But the smile on his face when we pull up each week reminds me of how much he loves his playtime here. I think I love it more!

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