Monday, April 25, 2011

The 10 day sugar-free experiment

Maybe it was all the recent Easter Candy and cookies that have been around. Maybe it is me coming to my senses about how much I LOVE sweets and chocolate and could eat it every day.

We are deciding to take a stand against sugar (for 10 days at least).

Chris and I decided to give up sugar, sodas, caffeine, simple carbohydrates (like white bread and pretzels), and starchy foods for 10 days. I would include alcohol in this list, but we don't drink - so there is no need to include it. Basically we will eat only veggies, fruit, and lean proteins. We agreed that if we cave in then the clock will reset for 10 more days.

We are only 2 meals into this experiment and I'm already pining for some chocolate. I'll keep you updated on how we do! Wish us luck!

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