Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bouncing away the hot summer day

I recently discovered there is an indoor play area in Fresno. Yay!!! Considering it has been 100 degrees+ around here for the last month, this was exciting news in my world. I am constantly trying to find new, fun things for me to do with Michael. During the summer when it is SO hot outside, this can be especially difficult.

I subscribe to the daily e-mails of Groupon. Most of these deals are great ones, but we don't live close enough to Fresno to really take advantage of too many of them. A couple of days ago, I received an e-mail from Groupon for the BounceU facility in Fresno. I immediately e-mailed it out to my friends and said, "Who is in? Let's go this week!"

So we all carpooled up to Fresno today (approximately a 45 minute-1 hour drive) and had a blast a BounceU. As usual of Michael, it took him about 10 minutes to get the bearings of his new environment and then he was running around like he owned the place. But overall, he had a blast. We will be going back again soon, for sure.

I tried attaching the video I took of Michael and his friend playing at BounceU, but the blogger software won't allow upload of the video's taken on my iPhone. So I will have to get better about using my Flip Video recorder.

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