Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hairy issues

Before I start my blog, let me say that this is (in the grand scheme of life) a silly topic. However, some comments from Chris made it kinda interesting so I though I would put it out there...(and frankly, most of my blog posts are silly, inconsequential life events).

At the end of last week, I went to get my hair cut and colored (highlights). Usual stuff, no biggie. Well, for those of us who are military spouses and we move every 2-4 years, trying to find a new stylist that we can trust can be a challenge. However, for our last 2 locations that we have lived, I have gotten lucky in finding good people so I figured my luck would continue. Not so much.

I walked out of there last week with bleach-blond streaks. My natural hair color is a dirty blond (with natural sun lit highlights) on top/ more brown beneath. I couldn't sleep all night. I was in tears the next morning. I have never had to confront a hair stylist about my hair and NOT liking it before - I did not know what to do! But I did know that I paid way too much money to just let it go and not say anything. Do I trust that she will fix it? Or will it just be made worse with a fix by someone who messed it up in the first place?

The dilemma. So without thinking more about it, I just called her and she was happy to get me in for a fix. I just got home from the redo and here is my conversation with Chris:

Me: So what do you think?
Chris: It is dark as S*@#

Great, so now my hair looks like the color poop. Good times. I'm not going back. I am gonna have to stick this one out. It is darker than I like and not what I am used to, but I would prefer this over blonde-streaky highlights.

We are off to lunch with friends at Panera! Hope you are having a great day!

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