Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's crate time!

Since moving to CA, the dogs have been a little off. In NV, we had a doggie door that they could use all the time to come and go to the bathroom outside. In this new house, we don't have a doggie door :( Frankly, it is no big deal for me to let them come and go during the day. It is the night time potty breaks that I get a little angry about. Michael is sleeping through the night, yet the dogs were waking me up to go outside to go pee 2x per night!

I had to crack the whip. Lay down the law. Put my foot down. I set up the crates 2 nights ago.

The dogs are now spending the evenings sleeping in their crates. Thank God for dog crates. After the first night of restful, uninterrupted sleep Chris finally agreed with me that this was the best solution. (The other solution would have been to spend $400+ on a doggie door that fits into a 96" sliding glass door. No, thank you.)

Lucy, our 5 year old Yorkie, is not too happy with the situation. She has been pretty spoiled for all of her 5 years. So for the last two days, she has sulked during the day by hiding out underneath our bed. She is normally very social with us during the day, wanting to play catch and tug of war with her rope toy. So it is going to take some time for her to adjust. But she will get there, hopefully.

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