Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What are the chances?

This morning, on our morning jog, Michael was holding my water bottle. He likes playing with it. He was holding it over his head and I thought: well if it falls out onto the concrete I will just stop to pick it up. He is happy, I am not going to take it away from him. About 1.5 miles into our run, he launches it over his head and it went flying out of the stroller. There was no way I was fast enough to catch it.

He, somehow, timed it up so it went flying right into the sewer drain along the edge of the road. I am player? Maybe. I was impressed. What are the chances that he would throw out the water bottle at the exact time that we are passing a drain like that on the road. Slight.

In a split second I saw it go flying out of the stroller and into the drain, I looked down and it was long gone. I then thought: Good thing he was not playing with my wallet! (Which he does, on occasion - anything to keep him happy/occupied).

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