Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl weekend

Chris and I made it back to Fallon (from Tahoe) in enough time on Sunday to catch the Super Bowl on TV. We watch it more for the commercials than the game as we are just not pro-football fans. Cheering for the UF Gators is about all the football energy we can expend. The Tim Tebow commercial got a LOT of pre-game hype and it was really underwhelming. I was expecting a little more controversy, based on all of the hype. I thought it was well done. Point made.

The best part of the Super Bowl for me was at the end. The Saints won and they were showing post-game footage. The Saints QB, Drew Brees was shown holding his infant son with tears in his eyes. I thought that was the best ever. Sharing that moment with his son was adorable, and watching his son with his wide eyes checking out everything around him was so cute. It reminded me of how Michael takes in all of his surroundings, in new environments.

On Saturday, I made it over to Squaw Valley to get another day of skiing in. I am warming up to Squaw. It is pretty challenging terrain for me so on Saturday I decided to push myself and really try to get better. I fell 6 times and 3 of those times I had a yard sale! (A yard sale is when you lose ALL of your equipment). On "Tree Run 5" I lost it all and had to hike it back up the mountain to retrieve it. One of the falls was a collision with another skiier! It was probably both of our faults but since I was farther down the mountain than she was, I think it was her responsibility to see and avoid me. No one was hurt except maybe my confidence. But it was a fun day of skiing and I think I am actually getting better. On my last fall, I was close to the village and a guy behind me brought one of my ski's over to me and he said, "If you are not falling you are not getting better and pushing yourself." That made me feel better about my 6 falls. I guess next weekend will tell!

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