Monday, February 15, 2010

The brave one

On Sunday night, up in the cabin in Tahoe, Chris spotted a pretty decent sized spider on the top edge of a picture hanging in the dining room area. On recent visits up there, I have noticed more spider webs. The webs don't surprise me, it is cold outside and these little spiders want to get where it is warm. They are usually tiny enough to slip through cracks in the doors/foundation. So when Chris spots it, the whole house must come to a freezing halt. I am then instructed to bring him a towel so he can kill the spider. It is almost as if he takes his eyes off the spider it is going to make like Usain Bolt and dash out of sight. No, this spider just sat on it's tush while I retrieved the towel.

Chris then swatted at it, 5 feet away, while Michael and I looked on. It got away.

Chris, bless him, was determined to squash this little thing so he looked all around the picture, on the floor, walls, etc. and he found it hiding on the picture frame, on the back side.

Next set of instructions: "Molly, slowly lift off the picture frame from the wall." Great, so I get to get bitten by the spider. I bravely grasped the edges of the picture frame and gently lifted it off the wall. Chris spotted it, on the back of the frame near the edge where my hand was. So I placed the frame on the floor so Chris could work his towel magic. Thanks goodness I did not get bitten! Chris would have never heard the end of that one!

This whole episode reminded me of when we were training back in VA Beach for the Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon. We were running in Sea Shore State Park. It is a well traveled park running and biking path and up ahead, Chris spots a large dog. Chris makes his way around me so that I am the one in between him and the dog.

Who is the brave one? You can just call me Superwoman.

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