Tuesday, February 2, 2010

An unexpectedly productive day

I tackled the "stuff" today. I know you have your "stuff" too. The piles of clothes you have been meaning to take to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. The books that you want to donate to the local library. Well, my piles had been sitting for a couple of weeks and every time I walked out into the garage, they stared up at me as another errand to run. One more thing to take care of.

So today, Michael and I needed to go out to get food for dinner. I looked down at my three piles of "stuff," I tossed it in the trunk of the car and off we went. First stop: the local library. Next: The Not New Shop on base. The Not New Shop is the Navy's version of Goodwill.

Check. And Check.

I don't know why these mundane errands can be so nagging and such a hassle, but they are. Once I complete them, I always feel better that I did. Maybe next time, I wont procrastinate it so much.

As I write this, Michael naps away. The playtime after his naps is always the most fun, my highlight of the day! For Christmas, his Aunt Kim and his cousins gave him this Ball Popper. It has been fun to see the progression of him playing with this toy. At first, he would just watch it. Then he began grabbing the balls off the ramp they circle around on. Now, he knows how to push the button to make the popper work and when he picks up the balls he puts them right back down the chute to get popped out again. All of this in about a week of playing with it. The little things in life are what make it so great!

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