Thursday, August 19, 2010

Toilet bowls and tooth brushes

No, I am not talking about how I clean our bathrooms. For the record, I don't. When I am pregnant, we have a housekeeper. We hired one when we lived in Fallon and I was pregnant with Michael and I jumped back on that bandwagon once I found out I was pregnant with baby #2. My rationale: I don't want the exposure to the cleaning chemicals. Good reasoning. Plus, Chris has a lawn service. So while we have a lawn service, I will also have a housekeeper :) Anyway, I digress...

The subject of today's blog post actually refers to Michael's current obsessions. He loves to TRY to put his hands in the toilet bowl. He has been successful only once, thank goodness. The other times, I have been able to catch his hot little hands quickly. He is also discovering how to flush the toilet. Fun times. Is this all just the first phase of potty training? I certainly hope so.

The infatuation with tooth brushes amazes me. He will stand at our bathroom sink and reach for our toothbrushes and say, "Mine, mine, mine!" I think partly it is a teething thing, but the problem is the massive meltdown that occurs when I take his toothbrush away from him. It is really the saddest sight to see. But the good part is that he gets it! When I give him his toothbrush, he will put it in his mouth and move it around all of his 12 teeth (+4 more on their way).

I know I am still a relatively "new" Mom. I've only been at this for 17 months, but what I have learned is that this phase shall too pass. Just like the massive drooling phase (2-6 months) and the biting phase (12-15 months). We'll see what will be next!

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