Monday, August 30, 2010

Things with wheels

Michael used to be TERRIFIED of this little red rocket Red Rider airplane toy. So much so that I had to keep it locked away in a closet because it would make him cry. He would start crying if it was even in the same room as him. There are three buttons on it that make noise and say random space oriented things like, "Welcome to Jupiter."

A few months ago, I pulled it back out of the closet to see if he had gotten over the fear and, low and behold, he now loves this toy. In all honesty, prior to now, he was just too young for it. But now, he is tall enough and has enough stability to push his legs back and forth to make himself propel forward. It is cute to watch. He now just needs to get the hang of steering it around corners so I don't have to stand behind him and turn it around corners for him. But I am happy to do it! And he likes to show me how far he can go.

He loves anything with wheels. His blue buggy is still a favorite ride-on toy and he now knows how to buckle the seat belt. He is not quite strong enough to push the two buckle pieces together but he can put the pieces together so they fit into one another!

Yesterday, Chris bought Michael his first t-ball set. It is a tad tall for him still but he is getting the hang of it. Chris said he is going to teach Michael how to hit left-handed, even though we are pretty sure Michael is right handed. I don't know enough about baseball to understand the benefits of being a left-handed batter, so I will just leave that the two of them to figure out!

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