Thursday, August 12, 2010

Score 1 more for me!

In a very surprising turn of events, Chris arrived home to us today! Last week, we were told that deployment had begun back in July and we would not be reunited again until next Spring. In an unusual change of Navy plans, the ship and all the sailors were sent home. There are 5,000 families out there right now celebrating the fact that we get our heroes home right now. Even if it is just for a short time, we'll take it!

This lifestyle really forces our family to be as flexible as possible with plans and schedules. I like to think that I am good at adapting to change, but the reality is that I am not good at it at all! About a year ago I came to this conclusion and I verbally voiced it to Chris and his reply was, "You are just now figuring this out! I could have told you this years ago!" Well, thanks hubs for keeping it to yourself. I did need to figure out that one on my own. Now when I am having trouble adapting to the spur of the moment changes that we have to live our daily lives by, my dear close friends and family get the brunt of my venting. You know who you are (CR, TA, AG) - thanks for always being good listeners!

I am still taking one day at a time. But the smile is genuine and there are no more tear stains. We know our time is limited so we just try to make every moment of every day count.

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