Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My life will never be the same

When I was pregnant with Michael, EVERYONE loved to tell Chris and me that our life will never be the same. Be prepared they would say, it is going to change drastically. Some of these comments were said in overly dramatic tones and I think we heard it so much, it just got to be annoying to hear.

We were ready for the life altering experience of having our first baby. If it is possible to be prepared for bringing home a newborn, we were as prepared as it was gonna get. And everyone was right: it is life changing. However, not as dramatic as people would make it out to be.

My opinion is that the "life altering" part really did not kick in until Michael just recently started walking. When all he could do was roll over, sit up, and crawl, I had control of where he was and what he was doing. NOW, it is a completely different ball game. He decides to walk from room to room because the spirit moves him and I have to follow suit. I was writing an e-mail to Chris today, as this is the only form of communication that we have right now. The highlight of my days are receiving and responding to e-mails from Chris. (Another one of those things that my military friends will understand 100%). I was mid-sentence responding to one of Chris's e-mails when I had to stop to chase Michael into the office/playroom.

But I love it! He is constantly smiling as he walks around. The dogs follow him everywhere and he has figured out how to get them to chase him. He giggles so hard when they play this game. So our "life altering" 24 lbs of love and smiles and teething tears is the best thing that has ever happened to us. Yes, our life will never be the same as it was pre-Michael, but I would never want it to be. Our little baby is growing up!

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