Saturday, January 9, 2010

The secret to traveling with Michael

Because of where we live and the fact that all of our family members are about 3,000 miles away, I feel like we are constantly getting on airplanes and traveling to see family and friends. This is just a fact of life for us. So far, in Michael's 10 months of life we have taken 6 different trips via airplane (5 of which were back to the east coast). I wish I could get frequent flyer miles for him! On every trip, it has been a nightmare to get him to sleep at night. He gets up every 3 hours when he is not in his own nursery, in his own crib. Well, I think we have finally figured out how to get him to sleep while traveling.

He needs to be in his own room, with his own blanket, sound machine, toy bear, and humidifier. We are up in Truckee now at our ski lease and we put him in his own bedroom last night.

He slept like a champ, I was up all night.

You see, when his normal routine is to get up every 3 hours when we are not in our own home, I am on alert listening for him. I was terrified that he was too hot/too cold or not breathing. I know this probably sounds irrational, but it is just the Mom in me. He slept great through the night. So from now on, when we travel we are going to have to have a separate room for him to sleep in. He sleeps better, we sleep better (hopefully tonight, at least). And everyone is happy. Ah, the little things in life.

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