Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sleep training

First, I must confess that I still don't know the difference (nutritionally) between greek and regular yogurt and the difference between a grape and a cherry tomato. (Read my previous post). This is life with a baby and a toddler.

I remember other Moms telling me: You'll be lucky to get a shower some days. Although, I won't forgo a daily shower, I know what these Moms were trying to tell me is that my time is no longer my own and that is OK. I really don't NEED to know the differences between these foods. (I do, however, need a daily shower). And I'll figure it all out eventually.

5 nights ago, I started the dreaded task of sleep training Luke. Prior to 5 nights ago, he was co-sleeping with me. It was easy with nursing and I don't regret a minute of it especially since Luke was born in December while Chris was deployed. It was easy and convenient and he has thrived. I would do it again, in a heartbeat. But now I'm on the fun journey of getting Luke transitioned into his crib and sleeping on his own. I won't sugar coat this, it is not easy. I want to pick him up the instant he starts fussing. Look at the face in that picture - who wouldn't want to just pick up and cuddle him?!

Here is how the past 5 nights have gone:

Night 1: Luke woke up every 2 hours. I was a zombie the next day.
Night 2 and 3: Luke woke up every 3 hours. I saw progress, so I was encouraged to stay the course.
Night 4: Luke woke up only 2 times! Yippee!! This was real progress! I can do it! At Peewee Fitness the next morning, I think I told every mom that was within earshot that Luke only woke up 2x!
Night 5: Good and bad. He only woke up once (at midnight) but then he would not go back down until 2 am. I was exhausted. I tried nursing, burping, rocking, back rubbing, shushing. Finally he fell asleep at 2 am and (here is the good news) he slept until 8:15. I'm hanging onto the "good news" part of last night. Six straight hours of Luke sleeping - glorious!

One thing Chris and I have both noticed is that Luke sleeps better during the day. This is, obviously, a result of better sleeping at night. We all were ready for this transition.

My goal of this is to see progress from the night before, in terms of less nursing, easier transitions going down, and longer sleep cycles. I feel encouraged and that is good. I know this "too shall pass" and we will get there eventually. I did not have to do this with Michael, he was sleeping through the night at 8 weeks old. He was doing this in his swing, but he was still sleeping! So "sleep training" has been a new thing for me. I know it is the right thing for all of us. Research has shown that sleeping is mostly a learned skill, taught at this early age.

Hopefully tonight will be even better! Please say a prayer for me!

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