Sunday, June 27, 2010

He has increased the intensity to a whole new level

Michael woke up on Thursday with a new intensity for life! Literally, he stepped it up a level with his activity level. I have been told, "Boys are busy!" I am beginning to understand this now.

Our usual trip to the Farmer's Market on Thursday night became an adventure in chasing Michael around the park. Non-stop. Same with going to Freedom Park yesterday. It was funny yesterday because we were there late morning and he was running from slide to ladder to play station like he owned the place. I got him to take a rest for a minute and took his hat off (in the shade, of course) and he was sweating! I have never seen him sweat like that! Mind you, it was also in the upper 90 degrees, but still! This picture is about a month old but it is a good indication of what he looks like when he is on a mission. Here is walking from swimming in the kiddie pool we have in the backyard to coming back into the house, usually via the doggie door. What a character.

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