Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Food poisoning and pit bulls

Monday morning started off on a really great note. Are you sensing the sarcasm yet? I woke up at 1 am with food poisoning. The following 24 hours were miserable. I was not really sure how the day was going to go with Michael but he was a trooper and he did great laying low in the house all day.

We have been keeping busy playing and stocking up on groceries. Such a glamorous life we live!

This afternoon proved interesting when I decided to take Michael on a walk to the mailbox. We have one of the community mailboxes that is down the street and around the corner. So I packed Michael into his blue buggy and off we went. He still loves this thing! Once the mailbox was in sight, I also spotted a stray male pit bull. Great. It was far enough away from us that we could continue to the mailbox. We safely retrieved the mail and started on our way back. About 5 steps later I looked back to see him behind us and closing in. He was bee lining down the sidewalk straight for us. I have never moved so fast in my life. The mail hit the ground, immediately, and Michael got unbuckled so fast. In a split second he was in my arms and watching the dog. (He thought it was pretty funny actually). I kept us moving and crossing the street. The dog retreated and then started going from house to house sniffing around. Pit Bulls have a very poor reputation for their behavior and many children have been badly injured from them. I really don't understand the owners of these animals and why they allow them to roam free. Next time I encounter or see this dog roaming around, I plan on calling the animal control. I am really hoping this was a one time incident.

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