Friday, May 13, 2011

The Perfect Mother's Day weekend

My Boys were extra sweet on Mother's Day weekend. I did not just get 1 day to celebrate, I got 2! On Saturday, we went Fresno and I got to go shopping! To MY stores! And MY pick for dinner! We went to Ann Taylor Loft and had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen. Everyone was well behaved (mostly) and we made the drive with only minimal fussing in the car from Luke. As my devout readers know, Luke hates riding in the car and usually just fusses and cries the whole time. He did better on Saturday, but maybe we just timed it up better too.  You know (feedings, poops, pees, burps, naps).

Before our adventure to Fresno, I was nursing Luke in my super comfy rocking chair and Michael walks in with a card and behind him Daddy is carrying some beautiful flowers. Flowers and a gift card to get a massage. Yippee! Which means another "me" day is in my future! So thoughtful and sweet. Michael couldn't just hand me the card, he had to open it for me. I loved it.

On Sunday, we went to brunch at one of our favorite brunch places in town: Irwin Street Inn. The food was yummy and Michael was entranced by the singer that was doing cover songs and walking around playing his saxophone. We all got to enjoy a nice meal outside with nice music. Naps were in order after that meal! Then off to the circus! Yes, that's right! We went to the circus on Sunday afternoon!

It was a really fun time. It was certainly not Barnum and Bailey's big top, but it WAS the perfect size for our kids. Luke was mesmerized for the first 30 minutes, until he fell asleep in my arms. Michael was completely entranced. I don't think he even blinked once during the whole show. It was a perfect Mother's Day weekend.

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