Friday, May 13, 2011

Our recent adventures in pictures

 Sitting on a blanket in the backyard. Our backyard out here is one of our absolute favorite parts of this house. The shade is perfect and it is the perfect size. We are out there every afternoon.
 At United Gymnastics Academy. Busy, busy, busy. This child is: ON. THE. GO!!!
 Being silly!
 Walking on the balance beam. He was so proud of himself.
 All eyes on Luke and his chunky legs! Michael's were exactly like this at his age! We call Luke our "20 pound sack of potatoes." But this week he has just started sitting up on his own, which makes life a little easier now that the sack of potatoes can hold himself upright.
 What's going on over there? Probably another fun thing Michael is showing me!
 At Mother's Day brunch. I love this picture of Luke. He looks so big though!
Michael and his "cool" sunglasses. This child never stops making us laugh!

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